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Future love predictions? Career predictions?  Psychic Readings and astrology readings. Here's why I can help! Over 30 years of experience has helped many clients with their love life, career predictions and more!

I began searching for more truths about myself in 1978, as I was to embark into the casino career. I was trained in Astrology for Eugene Moore, former VP of the American Federation of Astrologers in the USA, and worked as a Tarot Reader at the Psychic Education and Development Center in the 80;s and 90's. I did live radio in Atlantic City at the Tropicana Casino, hosted and co-hosted on WOND "The Psychic Connection" in AC, NJ, as well as created "The Astrology Hour" on WICH in Norwich, CT on the Del Dixon Hour. I wrote for the Taj Mahal's Newsletter called "The Taj Tattler," as well as was written about in MGM's "Insider," After being interviewed by the Norwich Bulletin, and working for AOL, for which I created "Cupid's Garden," writing "LoveScopes" and sending out printed Love Match Compatibility Reports (also offered instead of a five question reading for the same price), I created my original website of 90% of the requests were for Love Match Compatibility Reports. Still working in the world of the casino industry, as well as being a mother of two great girls, I continued to build my website and included this one, Since 2010, I have been revising and building on a newer website platform to allow visitors to enter either website. 

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I've done astrology and tarot, intuitive and psychic readings since 1981, online, emailed, on the radio as well as hosting an online radio show on WOND in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and WICH in Norwich, CT. I wrote Horoscopes for the Taj Tattler, AOL's Cupid's Garden, and emailed thousands of readings to my private clients. 

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When you receive your Emailed Reading, by sending me your date, time and place of birth, in the Comments section in the PayPal Payment area, you will learn more about your life, love, money, home, career, education, work, relationships, spiritual elements, such as your Past Lives, Just for Women (learning about your feminine side {non-gender biased}), and get a Lucky Gambling Chart, to find out the best times when you may be luckier at the casinos, slot machines, online, or even when to ask for your promotion. Astrology is all about timing. Find out when the best time for you to get married, go for the best job which is most suited for you, and much more about your life! Private and Confidential!


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All information, including your emails and personal information is protected by the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) of this website, as well as the protection provided by my Email, PayPal, and the Code of Ethics from the American Federation of Astrologers that I obtained and signed as a member, as of 1981. None of your information is given, traded or sold to a single individual, second or third party. I have upheld this ethical code since I began learning about metaphysics in 1978. 

To learn more about me, a lot of my profile is on (logo below). I have over 800 followers and additional information about me on LinkedIn. Feel free to obtain a LinkedIn account, and request to be a part of my Network. I may even write your story about your love, career, humanitarian, or aspirations on my Articles. I enjoy writing about you, for you, publicly or privately, since LinkedIn is about people and businesses networking to help each other. Planting seeds for your future is what I enjoy doing to help to promote you and your goals. 

All information is for entertainment, information, astrological, intuitive and insight. You must be over 18 for me to do your astrological or psychic readings. 

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